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How can I port my number to Tello?

Porting your current phone number to Tello is simple. Just follow these steps.

  1. If you purchased a phone or a CDMA SIM from Tello, you'll need to contact their customer service team when you’ve received the it the mail.
  2. If you are bringing your own phone and you don't need a SIM card, you'll need to fill in the port-in details while going through the setup process.
  3. If your current phone number is active with Sprint, the number port-in is mandatory
  4. If your number is not active with Sprint, you’ll have the option to port-in your old number or get a new phone number from Tello.

The information you’ll need to successfully port in your current phone number are described below:

  1. Current number
  2. Current provider
  3. Account number from current provider
  4. PIN/Password from current provider
  5. Your address as listed on the phone bill
  6. First name and last name as listed on the phone bill

The port-in will take up to 2 working days for regular mobile numbers and up to 5 working days for landline and VOIP numbers.

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