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How can I enable ‘Power Saving Mode’ with my Samsung Galaxy Note 5?

If you’ve exhausted the majority of your phone’s battery life, the good news is that you can extend your device’s battery performance by enabling “Power Saving Mode” on your Galaxy Note 5. With Power Saving Mode, you extend your Note5's ability to use the remaining battery life efficiently and keep your going.

To enable ‘Power Saving Mode’, follow these simple instructions:

  1. Navigate to Apps > Settings.
  2. Touch Search, and then search for and select Battery.
  3. To extend your battery life, select the desired mode.
  4. OFF: turn off Power Saving Mode and continue with the regular usage of power.
  5. MID: turn off and reduce few power consuming apps and features.
  6. MAX: turn off and reduce power consuming apps and features as well applying a dark theme to limit power usage further.
  7. Touch APPLY.
  8. To turn off Power Saving Mode to continue with regular power usage, touch Settings.
  9. Touch Battery.
  10. Touch Off.
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