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What are the data speeds on Cricket?

Cricket Wireless, a sub-carrier to the AT&T network, allows users a max download speed of 8Mbps on 4G LTE devices and 4Mbps on 4G HSPA+ devices. Depending on what type of device you have will ultimately hinder the data download speeds. 

Cricket's New, Basic, Smart and Pro plans all have their own monthly data cap limits. The New plan includes 1GB of high-speed 4G LTE data whereas the Basic and Smart have data caps of 2.5 and 8GB. The Pro plan has the next largest data cap coming in at 10GB a month. These data inclusions allow users to stream and download as well as browse the internet on their mobile devices. Not all users will have the same speeds since it varies off location and individual device speed.

If a user exceeds their monthly data limits, your data speeds will be slowed to a maximum speed of 128Kbps. Even though Cricket does not charge its users for overages, they still will slow your speeds. Starting on the next billing cycle, Cricket will return your normal data cap limits and data speeds.

The unlimited plan offered from Cricket has no data caps. 

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