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I have a Sprint phone and am looking for a 3GB plan with 3000 min/text for less than $30. What are my options?

If you have a Sprint phone and are looking to switch carriers you need to first make sure you have paid off all remaining balances on the device to the device's original carrier. Once the phone has been paid in full, you can then request an unlock code from the carrier. They legally have to give it to you.

Once you have received your unlock code, you can unlock your phone. Now that your Sprint phone is unlocked, you are ready to switch carriers.

Unlocked Sprint phones are compatible with Sprint and all Sprint MVNO's (operators who use the Sprint network)

MVNOs offer some great prices, generally more cost effective than the major carrier.

With setting the search filters at 3,000 minutes/text, most results will show unlimited talk/text as this is relatively low cost:

Click here to see all Sprint BYO Plans that include 3GB of data

Click here to see only Sprint BYO Plan with 3GB under $30.

Once you've selected a plan, all you will need to do is purchase a SIM or connect/activate online, choose whether you'd like a new or keep existing number and then purchase.


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