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How do I sign up for the Cricket Basic Plan? Step by step? I have Verizon and want to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S6 when I switch.

Before you can switch, you will need to make sure you have paid off all outstanding fees owed to Verizon. Once you are out of your contract, you are then ready to switch.

A current deal going on at Cricket is a $50 bill credit when you switch to Cricket. This will come in handy when purchasing that Samsung Galaxy s6 32 GB.

I know you are interested in the Cricket Basic Plan, but if you click here, you can Compare All Cricket Plans , choose the right one for your requirements and then click on the go to site button. This will take you to the Cricket website

Once you've added the basic plan to your cart, a box will pop up and ask if your "bringing your own phone", if you'd like to "shop smartphones" or if you'd like to "shop basic phones".

You will want to select "shop smartphones"

Once you scroll down the page and find the Samsung Galaxy S6 32Gb, also select add to cart.

Once youve added both this phone and plan to your cart, it will bring you to a page where you can select add on features. If nothing, click skip for now.

If you are ready to purchase, click checkout.

This is where you have the option to port your number or start a new number with your new service. Once you have your number figured out, you are ready to purchase this plan. Wait for it in the mail and then activate it once you receive it!

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