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I am looking for a 4 line 10GB shared data plan all with new Samsung Galaxy s7's

If you are interested in purchasing a 4 line family plan, click here to see pricing on 4 Line Samsung Galaxy s7 Plans. These are all of your available options.

As of now, with the current ongoing deals, purchasing a 4 line family plan is very convenient. There are a lot of buy one get one deals going on at the moment (April 2016) and even carriers offering a 4th line free of service.


Sprint is currently running...

• $150 trade-in credit with LG G5 order
• ‘Two GS7 for the price of one’ or ‘50% off a second GS7/GS7 edge’ + Galaxy Forever on 24-month lease with upgrade after 12 month
• $75 Service Credit with new Sprint Lease for customers who bring their number
• 4th Line FREE with Unlimited plan
• Customers who switch to Sprint save 50% on Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile rates (up to 25GB) until 2018
• $238 trade-in credit with iPhone 6s lease and trade-in of eligible smartphone
• iPhone Forever on 17/18-month lease with upgrade after 12 month with the iPhone 6s/6s Plus
• iPhone 6 128GB with Easy Pay, 2-year contract or outright is at the same price as the 64GB version
• Various discounts on postpaid phones

The 4th line unlimited plan for free plus buying 2 Galaxy s7 and getting 2 for free could really help your cell phone bill. This deal only applies to purchasing the devices through a lease and monthly installments.

Verizon is currently running....

• Buy One GS7/S7 edge with monthly device payments and Get One Free
• $100 off the iPhone 6 Plus 16GB in gold with monthly device payments
• 50% off for customers buying a 2nd Motorola Droid Maxx 2, Turbo 2 or Turbo of same or lesser value
• $50 off select smartphones with Promo Code VZWDEAL with new monthly payments
• 2GB Bonus Data per line per month for life on XL or larger plans
• Up to $650 Prepaid Card for old device outstanding balance or Up to $350 for ETFs for customers buying a new phone with monthly device payments

If any of these carriers or deals interest you, all you will need to do is navigate to their website or visit one of their nearest stores to get these deals.



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