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What does "recharge" mean for cell phone plans?

The term "recharge" applies to the use of "Airtime" cards or vouchers purchased from prepaid wireless providers.

It also applies to monthly in advance plans - some carriers call it "re-up" or "top-up"

Some carriers offer an auto top up service where you register your payment information and they will automatically recharge the service every month on a specific date - usually there will be a small discount to your monthly plan for this

Once you've purchased your airtime card, you'll be required to "recharge" the amount of the plan once your plan has expired. The timeframe in which you need to recharge your plan will depend on how often your plan expires. Some prepaid plans required you to recharge the amount everyday, while other prepaid plans may expire at 30 days. In other words, "recharge" is the cost of your plan and how often you'll need to refill it. 

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