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I am looking for a prepaid data plan on the Verizon network. I think 5GB per month will do. Can you help with that?

Verizon customers have the option to switch carriers that operate off of the Verizon network. In order to become eligible to switch providers, your Verizon phone would need to be paid off and SIM card unlocked.

What the SIM unlock does is allow your phone to accept other SIM cards from competing carriers. 

Verizon phones are not compatible with all carriers so it is import to make sure you the carrier you are interested in supports Verizon phones. 

If you need 5GB of data per month, this is equal to a fair amount of data usage. If your exceeding 5GB, you may need to look into larger data packages. 

I've created a list of carriers that are compatible with Verizon phones and also have 5GB of data or more.

Verizon compatible carriers and Verizon BYO Phone plans

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