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What is the best carrier for a 10+ line business plan?

WhistleOut only compares prices and plans for consumer packages not specific business packages.

That said, there's nothing to stop you from taking a multi line consumer plan and using this for your business - the only thing to remember is that the consumer plan will usually need to be credit checked on you as an individual rather than the business.

Many carriers offer business packages with 10+ lines on a single phone plan. It all depends on which type of service you would like. Whether you wanted a big data plan or unlimited data plan or just a talk/text plan its all available. 

Pooling your data means everyone shares the amount of allotted data in a pool. The people who use a lot of data balance out the people who don't use much at all. Your best bet is to go unlimited.

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Now to break it down with each carrier, we can provide information and links to each 4 main carriers 10 line plans with highest amount of data available, remember these are consumer plans though

1. T-Mobile No upfront cost, $330 a month and unlimited data/talk/text

2. Sprint $300 upfront, also $330 a month and also includes unlimited data/talk/text

3. Verizon $925 each month for 100 GB

4. AT&T $525 each month for 50 GB

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