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I am looking for an iPhone 6 16GB. What is the cost of a new iPhone with service from Verizon?

If you are interested in the iPhone 6 16GB model from Verizon, it is first important to determine how you intend to pay for the device. See the current iPhone 6 prices here.

Verizon offers many different ways to purchase an iPhone such as - monthly installments (financing), leasing, or you can simply purchase the phone outright.  

Purchasing outright is the most expensive in terms of upfront costs as you are paying the full retail price for the phone. 

Monthly installments will be the cheapest option in terms of the money you need to pay upfront - usually a couple of hundred dollars plus monthly finance payments of around $25

Once you've determined how you'll be paying for the new device, you can then begin to get an understanding of the what the average cost of an iPhone from Verizon would be. 

What I went ahead and did was create a list of iPhones that Verizon currently offers. Simply click on the link to view your options and start comparing. 

Compare options for the iPhone 6 16GB from Verizon here - click on the tabs at the top to switch between the different payment options

View more options for the iPhone 6 16GB with competing carriers here

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