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What carriers offer calling to Mexico and Canada?

Recently the big carriers have opened up calling to and from Mexico & Canada to be included in your US plan - or at least provide a cheap bolt on pack to enable this.  

Below, we’ve broken down what some of the top carriers offer their customers when calling to Mexico or Canada.

T-Mobile – T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plans include coverage in 3 countries for the price of 1. You can call Mexico and Canada for free and you can also call in Mexico and Canada as if you were actually in the United States. You’ll receive unlimited calling to and from the U.S. to any number, including mobile phones in Mexico & Canada. When you tracel throughout the US, Mexico, and Canada, you’ll notice your phone will work as if you are in your local city. T-Mobile gives their customers an excellent way to stay connected with Mexico and Canada.

Cricket Wireless – Cricket Wireless has two plans that offer calling to Mexico & Canada. With Cricket's top monthly rate plans you can make calls, texts and use your rate plan data, including your high-speed data allowance, while in Mexico and Canada with no roaming charges. 

Sprint – Sprint’s Open World plan is available to existing customers and new customers alike. This free promotion allows members of this plan to use their current voice minutes to call Mexico and Canada at no additional charge. If you have an international roaming package, you may need to remove it before adding Sprint Open World

AT&T – AT&T Mobile Share plan with 15GB of data or higher and the AT&T Unlimited Plan includes unlimited talk & text from the U.S. to Canada and Mexico.

If you don't have such a large data plan, you can add the AT&T Mexico Roaming Bonus plan to your smartphone. This will include Unlimited talk within Mexico, unlimited text, 1GB of data when roaming in Mexico. For those looking to call Canada, you’ll need to purchase the AT&T Passport. The AT&T Passport has 3 packages ranging between $30-$120. This package will give you access to talk, text, and data in over 190 countries.

Verizon – Verizon TravelPass is a international package that allows customers to use your device in Mexico and Canada Based on your domestic plan’s allowance. The cost for service in Mexico & Canada is $2/day per device. Verizon offers an international travel package for those looking to add Mexico and Canada to their service for the whole month. The cost of these packages range from $10-$25 per month.


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