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I want to purchase an iPhone 6 Plus. What are my payment options?

The iPhone 6 Plus price varies between different carriers and ways to pay.

Here we have provided a set of comparison results available on the market for all service plan and payment options for iPhone 6 Plus

Payment options:

Outright - this means you are paying full retail sales price upfront ($650+) but you do own the phone immediately

Lease - like renting the phone on monthly payment plan, you don't own the phone unless you complete all the monthly payments PLUS the final option to purchase

Monthly Finance / Monthly Installments - you pay a fixed amount per month and own the phone at the end of the term (12-24 months usually). This is generally the most cost effective way to finance a new phone, as long as you have fair to good credit

Early Upgrade - this is usually an extra $5-15 per month on top of the installment or lease price. Allows you to upgrade to a new phone at certain points in the term. At least once, sometimes up-to 3 times.

TIP - remember on early upgrade plans that the term will start again each time you upgrade to a new phone - so your'e tied in for another payment term

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Compare Payment options:

  1. Outright Cost of an iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB

  2. Monthly Installment options for an iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB

  3. Early Upgrade options for an iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB

  4. Prepaid options for an iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB

Remember choosing different ways to pay like through monthly installments, early upgrade or lease will make that hefty upfront cost affordably divided into a 24-month payment plan.

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