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I want to purchase a Samsung Galaxy s6. I currently have Verizon. What are my options?

If you are wishing to purchase a new device, are you wishing to stick with Verizon? Here are some Verizon results for the Galaxy s6 from our website!

Compare Verizon Galaxy S6 options 

If you are wishing to switch carriers and purchase a whole new plan/phone, then you should click Compare all Samsung Galaxy S6 Plans. These results will show you which other carriers offer payment plans and service for the Samsung Galaxy S6. 

From these results, the carriers below might be beneficial to you. They all offer payment plans for the Samsung Galaxy S6! 

  1. Credo Mobile Galaxy S6 options
  1. T-Mobile Galaxy S6 options
  1. AT&T Galaxy S6 options

Remember choosing different ways to pay will make that expensive upfront cost affordable by splitting the payments into a 24-month payment plan.  

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