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What $0 down phones are available? Can I really walk out the store without paying anything?

When there is a deal that says $0 down, it usually doesn't always mean you will get it for free of charge. You will usually always have to pay taxes or activation fees or upfront cost for SIM cards. However, there are 2 ways to make sure you can walk out the store without putting anything down.

  • $0 Down (upfront) Phone via Early Upgrade & Phone Financing deals now typically require a monthly phone financing agreement for the phone where you pay the phone off in monthly installments
  • $0 Upfront on Contract a new phone is $0 with a new 24-month service contract (or try Advanced Search)

Some carriers offer a bring your own phone plan and you don't have to pay anything to have service with them. Other carriers offer plans that you need to buy a phone with to activate. These carriers that offer plans with a phone usually offer low-cost phones where you pay a one-time upfront fee to purchase the phone. 

With these plans there is usually little to no data. You have the option to add data or message or talk packages to your $0 plan. There are multiple ways to find low-cost phones and plans that keep your monthly bill under $10.

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