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I want to purchase an iPhone 6s Plus. What are my options?

When purchasing the iPhone 6s Plus, you have a lot of available options and many different ways to pay. The price will vary between each carrier and plan.

Here we have provided a set of comparison results available on the market for all service plan and payment options for iPhone 6 Plus

Payment options:

Outright - this means you are paying full retail sales price upfront ($650+) but you do own the phone immediately

Lease - like renting the phone on monthly payment plan, you don't own the phone unless you complete all the monthly payments PLUS the final option to purchase

Monthly Finance / Monthly Installments - you pay a fixed amount per month and own the phone at the end of the term (12-24 months usually). This is generally the most cost-effective way to finance a new phone, as long as you have fair to good credit

Early Upgrade - this is usually an extra $5-15 per month on top of the installment or lease price. Allows you to upgrade to a new phone at certain points in the term. At least once, sometimes up to 3 times.

TIP - remember on early upgrade plans that the term will start again each time you upgrade to a new phone - so you're tied in for another payment term

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Compare Payment options:

  1. Outright Cost of an iPhone 6s Plus 16 GB

  2. Monthly Installment options for an iPhone 6s Plus 16 GB

  3. Early Upgrade options for an iPhone 6s Plus 16 GB

  4. Prepaid options for an iPhone 6s Plus 16 GB

Remember choosing different ways to pay like through monthly installments, early upgrade or lease will make that hefty upfront cost affordably divided into a 24-month payment plan.

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