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How much of my data allowance can I use as a mobile hotspot?

The amount of data allowance you can use on a mobile hotspot all depends on your data plan. Tethering is when your phone is being used as a wifi hotspot so that you can connect your laptop or tablet via the wireless data plan on your phone.

Not all carriers allow tethering so its best to check using the link below - take a look at the product details for each plan as we show you the details of each plan and the amount of data that can be used for tethering. Most carriers will set a limit of the amount of data in your plan that can be used - some are more generous than others

Here is a link to all of the plans that include mobile hotspot/tethering!

Here is another link to the WhistleOut Guide on Big Data PlansThis guide will include mobile hotspot information and will show you your biggest data plans for maximum mobile hotspot access.

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