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I want to purchase 2 new iPhones. What is the cost with taxes? Outright?

Unfortunately, we cannot calculate taxes with our search engine. We do, however, provide the cost of the phone and service excluding the taxes in the full cost breakdown.

To understand the total cost with tax depends on your state and the product you purchase - thats why we can't accurately show taxes and fees on the site.

I have created a search results page of your available options when purchasing 2 new iPhones outright. The data filter is set at unlimited messages/minutes and 2 GB of shared high speed 4G LTE data.

Click here to iPhone 6s Outright Purchase costs

Now if you were interested in the Plus, click here to Compare your options with iPhone 6s Plus

Prices will obviously vary depending on which carrier you are interested in and which plan you are interested in. The settings for the flip phone are set at similar phones to the one I chose. There was no specific flip phone I chose just simply the first one I saw on the list while creating your search engine results.

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