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Do the prices on your website include fees and taxes?

The prices on our site do not reflect taxes or any additional fees that are charged by the service provider. 

Most carriers charge additional fees, taxes, and surcharges that appear on your monthly statement.

Additional fees, surcharges, and taxes are different depending on what state you reside in. 

In reality, what you're actually paying for is the state, city, and local taxes as well as "charges to recover or help defray costs of taxes and governmental charges and fees imposed on us by the government"

The range of these extra charges are anywhere from $5-$30 depending on the overall cost of the service plan you've purchased.

Its almost impossible for us to include the taxes and fees as these vary by state and by carrier - some carriers are all inclusive so no tax applies. Best way is to start your search for a new plan and when you click through to the carrier websites they will show in the pricing or small print...

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