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Where can I start searching for a new Family / Share plan?

Its really easy to look for and compare prices for all the various family or share plans available in the US. By using our wireless plan search you can search up to 10 lines (I know, crazy!) with 10 different phones and different usage amounts per line.

Our search engine will then calculate the best matching results available from all carriers for your needs. All the costs are broken down into the amount you will need to pay upfront and then also the monthly ongoing price.

All you need to do is choose the number of lines that you need and your usage - then select the phone model that you want or select Bring Your Own Phone.

Some carriers allow the entire data allowance to be shared between all users and others have a specific amount of data that can be used on each line. Its really up to you - check out the product details pages from the search results by clicking on the Plan name to find out more info on each plan.

Read more in our Family and Share Plans Guide

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