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What if I switch carriers and get poor coverage at home / work?

Nationwide, many consumers switch carriers and find they experience poor coverage when at home or at work. 

If you recently switched to a new provider and are already experiencing bad coverage, there is still hope, but you must escape before it's too late. 

If you're making installment payments, most carriers will allow you to return the phone to the carrier without being penalized with Early Termination Fees.

Once again, it is very important that you do not wait and contact the carrier immediately to begin resolve these issues. For example, new customers of Verizon have the option to "cancel a line of Service within 14 days of accepting this Agreement without having to pay an early termination fee as long as you return, within the applicable return period"

Service Contract - If you signed a contract for a service plan, most carriers offer a grace period to cancel the plan if you deem coverage is poor or unavailable. It is very important to contact the carrier immediately to avoid being locked into the contract for the remaining months. 

If you are unable to stick with the service or phone agreement, you can still cancel the contract. Canceling the agreement early will result in Early Termination Fees. These fees are associated with accounts that have canceled the service contract or phone agreement early. On top of paying Early Termination Fees, you will also be required to pay for the remaining principle on the phones. 

In summary, it's best to determine if your zip code receives good coverage from the carrier you intend to use before proceeding with the purchase. This way you can avoid potentially poor coverage and those pesky Early Termination Fees. 

If you are on a Pre Paid or Monthly plan then its unlikely that you will be able to do much other than switch again to a new carrier. Check the coverage in the places you need the phone to work to avoid making the same mistake again

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