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How can I check what coverage I will get if I switch carrier?

Determining what coverage you'll receive can be a bit tricky at times because some carriers support different communication speeds (2G, 3G, and 4G LTE)

Currently, the fastest communication speeds consumers are able to achieve is 4G LTE. This new and blazing fast technology replaced the earlier 2G and 3G speeds we all faintly remember. 

Because 2G and 3G speeds are slower does not mean they stopped existing, in fact, the opposite happened. These communication speeds are still very relevant because many people are still using phones that *only* run off of 2G or 3G technology. 

In order to determine what coverage you'll be receiving depends on a few things. For example, what zip code you live in, what speeds your phone supports, and what speeds the carrier supports. 

You can find out your phone's communicational speeds by searching for your phone on Google. When you perform a search, most sites will show whether your phone supports 2G, 3G, or 4G LTE.

You can also find out what communication speeds the carrier is offering by visiting their website. Most large carriers will run off of 4G LTE, however, many will also support slower speeds such as 2G and 3G speeds. 

Another way you can find our network speeds is to visit the coverage map on the carriers website you are interested in using. Most carriers have their nationwide coverage map that you can enter your zip code into. Enter your zip code and the website will indicate what network coverage you'll likely receive. 

An easy way to think about it is like this. If the carrier supports 4G LTE and you have a 4G LTE phone, you will receive the fastest speeds. 

If the carrier supports 3G and you have a 4G LTE phone, you will not be able to achieve 4G LTE speeds. You'll need a 3G phone in order to achieve 3G speeds.

If the carrier supports 2G and you have a 4G LTE or 3G phone, you will not be able to achieve 2G speeds. You'll need a 2G phone in order to achieve 2G speeds. 

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