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Do Verizon have an early upgrade program or plan?

In the wireless industry, there seems to be a new mobile phone being released every month. With new phones entering the market constantly, it makes it hard keep up with owning the latest device. 

Verizon has the Verizon Edge plan which is perfect for those looking to stay up to date with the latest technology. 

The Verizon EDGE plan offers customers flexibility by allowing them to trade in their current smartphone for a new model. How is works is very simple. Simply select the phone you wish to purchase along with a service plan. Now that you have selected your phone and plan, the phone payments will be split up amongst 24 months. 

Once you have paid 50% of the phone's principle amount, you would then become eligible to trade in your device for a newer phone after only 6 months (you need to trade in the current phone in good condition to qualify)

If you are feeling flush then you can actually upgrade after as little as 30 days, as long as youve paid 75% of the payments off.

The downside is that money invested toward the principle amount of the phone would be lost and payments would start over with the new phone.

The EDGE plan is a great option for customers who are interested in getting the newest smartphones while not paying the fees associated with upgrading before eligible. 

Its not as generous as some of the other carriers plans - that allow multiple upgrades during the term, however its a good option if you are always desperate for a new phone

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