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Can you unlock a Samsung Note 5 from Sprint?

Yes, you should be able to get the device unlocked by Sprint - they do have specific rules in place to do this so its best to contact them directly as the answer will be specific to you, the actual phone, type of plan you have with them and how long you have had Sprint service.

Use this WhistleOut Guide to help you unlock your Sprint device.

Now, once your device is unlocked, you should consider a new wireless service! With the Sprint device being unlocked, you have a lot of available service options.

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We have also created a list of carriers compatible with your device that might be beneficial to you. These carriers run off the Sprint network and offer great data plans, low monthly cost and awesome call/text quality



ThePeople's Operator


From these results you will be able to compare data inclusions, minutes/messages and prices to choose your best options.



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