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I have a Samsung Galaxy s2 from T-Mobile. It is currently not in service. I would like to keep my phone and switch carriers. What are my options?

This should be really straightforward to do - you have a lot of options available with an unlocked GSM phone.

T-Mobile runs off the software technology GSM meaning your device is compatible with other GSM carriers (AT&T, Cricket, etc)

I have created a search results page from our website of all the available carriers that you could bring your unlocked T-Mobile (GSM) device too.

Click this link to Compare BYO Unlocked GSM Plans.

Now from that search results page, I have also created a list of carriers that might be beneficial to you. Each one of these carriers will be compatible with your device making the switch super easy. 

  1. Ting
  1. US Mobile
  1. Cricket
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