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Which carriers work on both GSM & CDMA technology?

Most carriers operate on GSM or CDMA - but not many support both technologies - its the phone that is locked to the type of technology rather than the carrier.

That said, most carriers operate on the big networks of T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon or Sprint - so they tend to offer only one type of technology. 

This means your phone will be compatible with some carriers but not all of them.

This is important when you have a phone that you want to keep after you've switched carriers - its this that is the relevant factor when choosing a new carrier

If you have a phone that supports GSM or CDMA, you can now use the same carrier regardless of the technology your phone houses. 

Below, we've listed the service providers that accept both GSM and CDMA phones. 

  • Ting
  • Net 10
  • TracFone
  • StraightTalk
  • ROK Mobile

The carriers above accept a wider variety of phones than carriers that only support one technology.

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