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How can I upgrade early to a new iPhone from Sprint?

If you’re tired of owning the same phone for years, you might be interested in Sprint’s iPhone Forever promotion.

With Sprint’s “iPhone forever” promotion, customers are now able to upgrade to a new iPhone every year without any additional cost. 

This offer is available to new or existing Sprint customers who are eligible to qualify. 

The iPhone Forever program is a lease program which is set on an 18 month payment term.

After you’ve made 12 payments on the phone and monthly service, you’ll become eligible for an upgrade. Simply trade in your current leased iPhone for the latest model iPhone (the phone must be in good working condition)

At that point your payments will start over and your new payment term will be 18 months. If you do not wish to trade your phone in come the 12 month period, you’ll have the option to keep the device and finish making the payments until you complete the 18 month term. At that point you will need to return the phone to Sprint.

To summarize:

  1. Lease iPhone 6s and pair it with one of the available Sprint plans.
  2. Make 12 lease payments on your iPhone 6s.
  3. Trade in your iPhone 6s and lease a new iPhone when it becomes available.

Here are your options for iPhone with Early Upgrade from Sprint


Once you’ve found a iPhone model you are interested in, simply click the “go to site” button to complete your purchase.

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