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I want to keep my Samsung Galaxy S4 but I am tired of Sprint. Can I switch from Sprint to Straight Talk?

It looks like you are wishing to switch carriers from Sprint. To answer your question, yes, your Sprint phone will work with Straight Talk as long as the phone is unlocked and you have no outstanding fees on your phone.  

WhistleOut Straight Talk BYO Plans

However, even though you are interested in Straight Talk, you should check out some other carriers to view your options.

Here are all of the WhistleOut BYO Sprint plans that will work on your device.

From this search results page, I have included some carriers that might be beneficial to you. These carriers run off the Sprint network and offer great data plans, low monthly cost and awesome call/text quality! These carriers will also be compatible with your Samsung Galaxy S4.

  1. Ting
  1. TextNow
  1. ThePeople's Operator
  1. PixWireless

If a direct purchasing link is not supplied on our website through one of the links above, you will need to navigate to that carrier's website in order to purchase! 

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