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Can I pay extra to get a mobile hotspot / tethering?

Yes, you can pay extra to get mobile hotspot/tethering, however, you may not need too. Most carriers now-a-days include plans with mobile hotspot.

It depends on your plan whether or not you can access these capabilities. If interested in tethering and your device or plan does not have tethering capabilities, then you may want to upgrade your phone or plan. 

Some carriers do not allow tethering at all so its always best to check before you commit to a new plan - use the filters in our search tool and check "tethering - on" to only show plans that allow it

You can use this link to see all of the carriers that include tethering on our website. 

Sprint Plans (tethering included)

AT&T Plans (tethering included)

T-mobile Plans (tethering included)

Verizon Plans (tethering included)

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