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What is a mobile hotspot / tethering?

Mobile hotspot and tethering are ways you can use your data as a wireless internet service.

Basically, you can connect your computer or tablet or any other device to your phone's internet. You will use your phone's data plan as the way to connect to the internet. You can be on a road trip and use wifi hotspot in the car from one device to another.

Tethering and mobile hotspot go hand in hand. You turn on tethering to turn your device into a mobile hotspot. Once tethering is on, any wifi capable device can connect to that smartphones wireless internet.

Some devices are equipped with the capability to tether and some are not. Just because you have a data plan doesn't necessarily mean you can tether a mobile hotspot. Just because you have tethering doesn't mean you are able to have a hotspot through your plan. Sometimes you may have to pay an additional $5-$10 a month for tethering or upgrade your plan to one that includes it.

Some carriers do not include tethering, so if you are interested in having a mobile hotspot and are switching carriers make sure tethering is included.

These are the carriers who do not include tethering/mobile hotspot. 

From the WhistleOut search engine, you have the option to turn the tethering required filter on.

Use this link to see all plans that allow tethering Wireless Plans that allow tethering and mobile hotspot



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