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How much data do I need?

Thats a tough one for us to answer - this very much depends on how much you use! The best way to look at it is to consider how much time you spend connected to wi-fi and how much you use your phone when you're out of range of a wi-fi - like commuting to work, driving, walking around, exercising etc

When you're on wi-fi you aren't using the data in your wireless plan at all

Most people who use our website are looking for between 2GB and 3GB of data per line - this is perfectly sufficient if you are an average user of data - running maps on your phone for directions, checking emails, facebook etc. If you stream a lot of music or videos while not connected to wi-fi then you will need more data, maybe upwards of 5GB

Unlimited data plans are good value but only if you use a load of data! 


Heres a link to the best plans available with different amounts of data:

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Best wireless plans available with 5GB of data allowance

The best unlimited data plans



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