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Will carriers pay my early termination fee (ETF) to switch ?

The short answer is - generally YES!

Most of the big carriers have ongoing incentives where they will pay your Early Termination FEE (ETF)

Currently all four of the big carriers are offering up-to $650 bill credit to cover early termination fees. 

Caution - you will have to pay the ETF yourself before you can switch, then you will have to wait a while, usually spread over several months and paid via bill credits each month. Make sure you can afford to wait - and remember that you don't usually receive a cash or cheque, its credit on your bill

Check with the carrier that you are looking to switch to before you cancel your existing contract - make sure you have the info and understand exactly how much they will pay towards ETF and how they make the payments to you

If you are ready to switch to a new carrier then here's the best place to start to look for a new wireless plan - its a whole market search to show everything thats available

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