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How do I switch between different carriers?

When switching carriers, you need to decide if you are bringing your own device or purchasing a new device.

If bringing your own device, your device needs to be unlocked and it needs to have previously run off the same software technology that is compatible with the carrier you are switching too.

AT&T and T-Mobile run off GSM technology whereas Verizon and Sprint run off CDMA technology.

To make sure your device is unlocked and you owe no money on your phone, you will need to contact your current carrier to discuss all details of your current or previous contract.

If you are purchasing your own device, here is the WhistleOut Phone Finder.

How to guide: Switch to another carrier

  1. Make sure your device is unlocked
  2. Check phone eligibility with BYO Phone Eligibility
  3. If you are purchasing your own device, click the WhistleOut Phone Finder.
  4. Once you've confirmed compatibility with your carrier (either on their website or in-store) then you are ready to switch
  5. Choose a plan that best fits your cellular needs
  6. WhistleOut Cell Phone plans
  7. Activate your device onto the desired network your switching too

Use this Guide for Switching Carriers for detailed information on switching carriers

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