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Do AT&T have early upgrade plans?

If you've ever purchased a phone you hated or you must have the latest new phone, early upgrades might be the best route for you.

AT&T now offers the AT&T NEXT plan. This early upgrade plan allows you to switch your phone every 12,18, or 24 months given you hand over the phone in working condition.

There are 3 ways to upgrade

  • Trade in your device and upgrade to a new one
  • Pay to Upgrade in as little as two months by paying the minimum number of installments early
  • Pay off your installments and keep your device.

What this means is that you can purchase a new phone from AT&T, make payments on the phone for a 12, 18, or 24 months, and then trade in the phone with no additional fees or charges. If you elect to hand the phone back into AT&T, you will need to give the phone back in good condition.

The major downside to this plan is that the payments you've made toward the phone will not count towards the phone you switched to. Essentially, you will start over on payments for your new device and lose the money you invested into the original phone. 

Now the good thing is you do not have to give the phone back to AT&T or use the NEXT plan if you like the phone. If you want to keep the phone come the 1 year mark, simply hold onto the phone and continue making payments until the principle amount has been paid. At that point you would be the owner of the phone. 

The NEXT plan is great for those who must have the newest technology every year. If waiting 2 years to become eligible for an upgrade is not appealing, consider switching to the AT&T NEXT plan so you can stay up to date with the latest devices without getting hit with early termination fees. 


Click here to view some Early Upgrade Plans from AT&T.

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