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Does Net10 offer international calling?

Those needing to make international calls around the globe will be excited to know that Net10 offers two different ways to make international calls.

  1. When you purchase the $65/month Unlimited International calling plan, you’ll get unlimited international calling mobile-to-mobile to Mexico, Canada, China & India, plus over 1,000 landline destinations. Additionally, customers will also get $5 off monthly when enrolled in Auto Refill.
  2. You can also make calls with International Pay-As-You-Go rates. Net10 customers can call internationally from their NET10 phone for 15¢ or less, per minute. Call over 100 international destinations whenever and wherever you need from the convenience of your NET10 phone.

The $65/month unlimited international plan is better for those who call internationally more frequently, while pay-as-you-go rates are built for those who don’t call internationally quite as often.

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