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What is the GreatCall Urgent Care service? How do I enroll?

GreatCall offers their customers some great ways to stay in tune with their healthcare. With GreatCall Urgent Care, members will receive an affordable alternative to access healthcare resources, all without having to making an appointment. This exclusive service offers members the option to access helpful, health-related resources 24/7 through live, personalized advice from registered nurses and certified doctors.

Members will also have access to a health information library with hundreds of pre-recorded messages on general health topics. Users with a Jitterbug smartphone will have the ability to search a Symptom Checker and Medical Dictionary database directly from their phone using the companion Urgent Care mobile app.

To sign up for GreatCall Urgent Care:

  • Lively Mobile, Jitterbug phones—Unlimited Urgent Care service is $4 per month. Urgent Care service is included for no additional cost when selecting a Preferred or Unlimited Health & Safety Package.
  • Apple and Android smartphones—Urgent Care service is $3.99 per call. Alternatively, you can subscribe for unlimited service for $3.99 per month.
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