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Which phones are compatible with Pix Wireless?


All devices from AT&T can be brought to Pix Wireless. In fact, customers with a paid off AT&T phone can bring the device to Pix Wireless without having the device unlocked. You’ll simply need to order your Pix Wireless Sim Kit.


Most unlocked T-Mobile phones can be brought to Pix Wireless as long as the device is paid off and the account is in good standing. Not all devices are compatible, however.


Customers can activate Verizon LTE-Capable smartphones on the Pix GSM network. However, the compatibility level can vary from one device to another. Devices like Verizon iPhone 5c, 5s, 6 and 6 Plus have full compatibility with Pix GSM network. 


Phones that previously ran on Sprint or a Sprint carrier can be brought to the Pix Wireless CDMA network. Some Sprint Nexus phones are able to access the GSM network.


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