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How do I sign up for a Red Pocket phone and plan?

Since devices are from a third party seller (Glyde), you need to place a separate order for the plan.

Buying your Phone with Red Pocket:

All phones are listed on the Red Pocket website under the "devices" category.

Browse the phones, and once you find a phone you like, select the red button that says “BUY”.

Next, set up your account information with Glyde. When you buy a phone, you are transacting with this third party partner. Glyde is not connected with your Red Pocket Mobile account.

Sign up for Glyde by one of these three ways: 


-Google +

-Create a Glyde account

Follow the steps to create your account and provide your mailing and billing address for the purchase of the device.

Buying your Plan:

On the Red Pocket website, select the "Plans" category at the top of the page.

Find the plan you want, then select "BUY PLAN".

On the next page, select either "I have an AT&T compatible or T-Mobile compatible phone or device” or “I have a Sprint compatible or other CDMA phone compatible with another large wireless network.”

Underneath "Choose the network for you," select the checkbox in light blue titled "GSMA.” Once the box has been clicked, you should see the option to "ORDER NOW" in bright red. Select this to finalize the SIM card and plan order.

On the next page, you'll need to add the SIM card to your shopping cart. This is the time where you can also add extra minutes, texts and data to your plan if you like. Once you add the SIM card to your shopping cart, select "View cart & checkout.”

Next, review your order.  Once everything is correct and select "Proceed to Checkout.”

On the final page, enter your billing/mailing address and your payment information (credit/debit card or PayPal).

Once all you’ve entered these details, accept the terms and conditions. 

To finalize the order, select “PLACE ORDER NOW" to get your confirmation number.


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