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What is the Sprint Flex Lease program?

Sprint Flex is a new convenient way for customers to get the smartphone they want, without overpaying for the device or service. Sprint lease’s innovative purchasing structure is unlike any carrier’s on the market right now. Find out more by reading below.

  1. First, the customer will need to select the smartphone for the Sprint Flex lease.
  2. Customer have a 3 different purchasing options on the Flex.
  3. 18-month leasing option
  4. Sprint Forever: Allows customers to upgrade to the latest model any time after 12 payments
  5. Or, $5/mo add-on gives customers the options to upgrade any time after 12 monthly payments
  6. After you’ve made 18 monthly payments, you can choose to own it by paying one lump sum payment or 6 monthly payments.
  7. Customer can also continue making payments on the phone each month if they decide they do not want to upgrade or turn the device in.

Lastly, you’ll have the option to return the phone if you do not wish to upgrade or continue the lease with Sprint (not recommended).

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