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What happens when my Sprint Flex lease is up?

Customers who have enrolled in Sprint Flex have 4 options when the end of the lease has been reached. 

  1. Upgrade and return the device: If you are upgrading to a new device, you can do so after 12 monthly payments. Sprint will need you to return the device by brining it into a store or by dropping your phone in the return kit provided by Sprint.
  2. Own your phone: if you’ve completed your Sprint lease, you’ll have the option to buy the phone. At 18 months, customers can pay the purchase price option with one lump sum payment or 6 monthly payments. After month 18: Pay the Fair Market Value price.
  3. Continue Making Payment: If you don’t know whether you’d like to upgrade to a new device or purchase you current device, you can continue making payments as you have been.
  4. Return the Device: If you wish to exit the lease, simply return the device for no penalty.
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