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What individual countries can I add-on to my Cricket Wireless plan?

First things first, do you have a Cricket Wireless plan with a qualifying account? In order to have the ability to add-on individual countries to your account, you’ll need to have a $50, $55 or $60 monthly plan. Oh, you already have one? Well, here’s a list of countries you can add right now!

Individual Country Add-Ons
Country Text/Picture/Video Messaging Landline/Mobile Minutes Monthly Rate
Colombia Unlimited 150 $10
Costa Rica Unlimited 100 $10
Cuba* N/A 15 $15
Dominican Republic Unlimited 200** $10
El Salvador Unlimited 60 $15
Guatemala Unlimited 70 $15
Haiti Unlimited 40 $15
Honduras Unlimited 60 $15
Jamaica Unlimited 40 $15
Nicaragua Unlimited 40 $15
Philippines Unlimited 50 $10
Vietnam Unlimited 70 $10
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