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What happens if I leave my Boost Family plan?

If you’re on a Boost Mobile family plan and thinking about jumping ship, here are some things to think about before you leave.  

If you’re the primary account holder, the owner of the additional lines will have the option of taking over your spot after you leave, typically at the time of the next billing cycle. The new account holder will assume the payment responsibility for all lines. The secondary account holders will also have the option to choose a new single line plan and be removed from the family plan entirely. 

If you’re a secondary account holder, Boost will automatically adjust the family plan’s monthly price to reflect the number of lines on it after you leave. Some discounts are based on the amount of lines in your family plan. If a member leaves the plan, this could result in the the discounts being removed, thereby raising the price. If the discount is not currently an option, many single player plans are available. 

See single line plans from Boost here.

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