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Can I use my Verizon phone outside of the US?

Verizon phones are designed to run on their blazing fast CDMA and LTE networks, however, the Verizon network operates a bit different than the majority of the world including the US! This can make using your phone in another country a bit tougher.

Some phones from Verizon are universal and are compatible across GSM and CDMA technology. These phones are labeled as “world devices”. A world device is a phone that is compatible in over 220 countries and can run on GSM technology, the global standard for cell phone technology.

If you do not have phone that is a “world device” these style of phones are designed to work on networks technologies in the US, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. Unfortunately, these devices will not work in other countries. 

Find out if you have a world device before you take off on your trip. If you do not have a world device from Verizon, check out all the phones currently being offered and get a phone that work across the world. As always, compare additional cell phone plans before you decide.

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