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How to you use Cricket Rewards?

Did you know Cricket Wireless now has a reward program that’s super easy to use?

The loyalty program is partnered with mPLUS points to bring customers this rewards program. Once you enroll in Cricket mPLUS and start earning points, the points must be appropriately claimed to be added to your Cricket Rewards account and used. To use the point, simply log into your rewards account app and tap or click on the achievement to add the points to your account. Unfortunately, your reward points cannot be used to pay for Cricket services but you can obtain gift cards which are offered as rewards in the mPLUS program.

If you’re on Cricket Wireless but you’re not enrolled in the point program, now is your chance to enroll and start earning points just for being with an amazing carrier. If you’re not on Cricket Wireless, compare their best service plans here or check out our site to compare cell phones and carriers. 

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