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What are the best cell phone plans for strictly talking and texting and no data?

If you’re someone who uses your phone strictly for talking and texting, there’s great news: many carriers offer talk and text plans without any data at unbelievable prices.

Most of these plans will cost between $1 - $20, and are offered by both smaller carriers like Ting and FreedomPop and major ones like AT&T. Keep in mind that some of the plans do come with trace amounts of data, but not enough to bump up the price in any substantial way.

Just as an example of a good all-around talk and text plan, take TPO Mobile’s Unlimited Goodness Kind plan. It includes 1,000 minutes of talk time and unlimited text messages for a mere $16/month. For $2 more dollars a month, you can sign up for Tello’s Unlimited Mins Build Your Own Plan, which offers both unlimited talk and text. Both of these small carriers are reputable and have loyal followings.

There are a litany of other talk and text only plans to choose from on the WhistleOut site, so search away. Happy hunting!

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