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Can I switch my AT&T phone to Boost Mobile?

Boost Mobile is a tricky carrier when it comes to bringing your own device. If you’re trying to bring your own phone to Boost, the first thing to remember is that they run on the Sprint network.

That means that AT&T and Boost Mobile run on different networks, making them generally incompatible with one another.

There are some exceptions to bringing an AT&T phone to Boost Mobile, however. If you have an AT&T iPhone or other smartphone that was designed to support both major network technologies (GSM & CDMA), you’ll be able to make the switch. Here is a list of all the phones and phone models that Boost Mobile will accept from other carriers. 

Eligible phones include:

  • iPhone 7 (Verizon Only)
  • iPhone 7 Plus (Verizon Only)
  • iPhone SE (Verizon Only)
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5s (Verizon Only)
  • iPhone 5c (Verizon Only)
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Special Edition
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Special Edition
  • Moto G4
  • Moto G4 Plus
  • Moto G5 Plus

See specific model number below:

  • iPhone 5c - A1532, A1529, A1507, A1456
  • iPhone 5s - A1533, A1530, A1457, A1453
  • iPhone 6 - A1549, A1586
  • iPhone 6 Plus - A1522, A1524
  • iPhone 6s - A1633, A1688, A1700
  • iPhone 6s Plus - A1634, A1687, A1699
  • iPhone SE - A1662, A1723
  • iPhone 7 - A1660, A1778, A1779, A1780
  • iPhone 7 Plus - A1661, A1784, A1785, A1786

If your AT&T phone isn’t  compatible with Boost Mobile, check out these GSM carriers who will support your device.

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