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What should you do if the Sprint phone is lost, stolen or broken?

If you're enrolled in Total Equipment Protection, filing a claim is the first step.

With Sprint’s quick repair and replacement, you’ll have your phone back in no time at all. With Total Equipment Protection, customers won’t pay full retail cost when phone issues suddenly come about. Whether your phone is lost, stolen, damaged, or experiences a mechanical or electrical breakdown, their affordable, comprehensive coverage gives you quick and easy solutions.

Convenient repairs: Once your repair is authorized, you can bring your phone in-store or mail-in the device. In most cases, mail-in repairs are ready within 5 days and in-store repairs the same day.

 Sprint’s next-day insurance replacement allows customers whose phone is lost, stolen, or not eligible for repair, simply file a claim to receive a replacement device the next day, in most cases. A deductible applies based on the tier of your device. To learn more about cell phone insurance and what you can do, read this.

 You can file a claim online 24x7 or over the phone at 800-584-3666.

 Select your device to determine your deductible.


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