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How Do I Apply for a Zero Down Smartphone?

Getting a phone on payments is easier than you think. Monthly installments are available to qualified customers which consists of the purchase of a smartphone under a monthly installment loan, and activation with the carrier. You will be required to apply for and enter into a 18-24-monthly installment plan depend on the carrier you select. Please note that all applicable taxes and fees will be charged separately will not be included in the Installment Loan.

Credit Card. To enroll in monthly payments, you will need a valid and eligible U.S.-issued personal, small business, or corporate/commercial credit card. Debit and prepaid cards are not accepted. Once you are qualified, your first installment payment under your Installment Loan will be authorized on your credit card at the time of purchase, pick-up, or shipment and will be typically be processed within 3-7 business days.

Taxes and Fees. All applicable taxes and fees due on the purchase of the Financed iPhone are included in your first installment for purchases made in-store. So while you can in fact find a zero-down smartphone, there are always some kind of fees to be paid somewhere. Read more on $0 down cell phone deals so you’re fully aware of the process.

For purchases made online through the carrier website, your credit card will be charged with two separate transactions: (1) applicable taxes and fees on the full retail price of the smartphone (2) the first payment of your Installment Loan will be paid the carrier. After the first installment payment, your credit card will be automatically charged on a monthly under the terms of the monthly Installment plan. Credit Card Interest and other fees. Most carriers charge 0% APR on the Monthly Installment plan. Please keep in mind however, the issuer of your credit card may charge you interest or other fees depending on your cardholder policy. You can learn more about “Free phones” right here.

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